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Sayaca was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Due to her father’s job, she lived in  New  York,  Lima and Mexico City

since she was very little. 

After returning from Mexico to  Japan, she studied at the art school

in Tokyo  called 'Bunka Gakuin',  where some world famous writers

such as Yasunari  Kawabata and  Shusaku Endo had taught. 


Then, she entered the renowned  Sophia University  in Tokyo, 

 where she graduated with a  bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

She started singing tango with the  Japanese tango orquestra

'Astrorico' in 1996 and continued  performing with them and

also with another tango  group  'Machiko Komatsu & Tango Cristal'.

She lived in  Buenos Aires between  2002 and 2008 and studied under Amelita Baltar, Guillermo  Fernandez, Patricia Andrade, Lidia Borda

and Nora Faiman.


Since then,  she has participated in  various tango festivals in many different countries. 


Together with Ryota Komatsu Unit,  she has participated in Piazzolla's  one of the greatest works, 'Maria  de Buenos Aires', playing the role of  Maria since 2013. 

Currently, Sayaca lives in Tokyo  and keeps singing in her own  original style while also working as  an instructor of cross-cultural  courses for business people.

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