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 'Cada vez que me recuerdes' (Everytime you remember me) epsamusic 0802-02   

                 Sayaca  with  Diego Schissi and  Carlos Corrales Trio          

                                                                                                                                                             Recorded at the  Studio Cosentino, Buenos Aires in 2006



Sayaca  (vocals) 

Diego Schissi   (piano  and  arrangemnts for the piano)

Carlos Corrales   (bandoneon and arrangements for the trio)

German Martinez   (piano for thel trio)

Ignacio Varchausky  (double bass fot the trio and artistic production)

Saia is oriental and you can tell that, her tango is serene,

but when she needs to express a dramatic passage,

she does it with certain passion and those are her best moments.


Her decision to stay more time in Buenos Aires will bring her the special atmosphere

that she needs of this place, there’s no doubt, I know her; she is tenacious and sensitive. 


The selection of the repertoire is very well-chosen;

the clasics and those that not many know of and they are excellent.


I simply want to say that her song is ‘very present’ for tango.


You have to listen to her.



Tango singer

Amelita Baltar 






There is no doubt that Sayaca is the best and the most personal singer

that Japan offers after Ranko Fujisawa.  


She is the contributor and the renovator of the musical tradition 

that Japan has for more than half century,

where there’s been serious and permanent study of tango.


  It is not in vain that Japan is the country

   where this genre is most played outside of Argentina.



Bassist of ‘El Arranque’/ producer

                                                Ignacio Varchausky


I liked Sayaca’s CD very much.


It impresses me until what point she has incorporated certain proper inflexions of tango,

which including many singers of Buenos Aires do not comprehend.


This is an intelligent and sensitive album.


She honestly submerged, without connecion and with her talent,

into another world, another culture.



Tango singer  

Lidia Borda

Besides singing well and having a sophisticated technique, Sayaca approaches to tango with a respectable work and profound comprehension including that of the language.


The album is a first-class production and I like it because it shows certain artistic risks

          with the result of making a notable find as in the version of ‘Cada vez que me recuerdes’ .



Bandoneon player

                                                   Pablo Mainnetti 







Dedicated to my grandfather.



I arrived in Buenos Aires in August of 2002 

with the idea of staying for a year and it has been four years already.


I was very lucky to get to know those very special people

whom I mentioned in the credits of the CD,

people who have helped me with their love, with their friendship,

and with their professionalism to make this album come true.


But it wasn’t only them. 

It was also the people on the street: 

the taxi drivers, the waiters at cafes, the people who work at bookstores or newsstands, 

all of them have contributed to my decision to stay here much longer than I originally had planned.


Moreover, it was the magic and the magnetism

that this place called Buenos Aires has,

where people taught me how to give and receive love, 

and where I’ve decided to follow this spiritual path to know who I really am.


Buenos Aires. . .

It is really my second home,

where a piece of my heart will always remain.



August 2006  







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